Detachable Curly Hair Extensions Wig
Detachable Curly Hair Extensions Wig
Detachable Curly Hair Extensions Wig

Detachable Curly Hair Extensions Wig

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Detachable Curly Hair Extensions Wig is the quick and easy way to transform your look in an instant! It's easy to use, just stick it onto any of your favorite hats, and voila! New hair and a new look in seconds!

Its versatile design makes it easy to match with any outfit! If you're trying to dress up or dress casually, it'll definitely add a new layer of style to your look!

It makes any woman look more beautiful and chic! It can even make you look younger with longer more vibrant hair! 

Easily fits on any kind of hat! From beanies to berets and any headwear at all, you can attach it on any of them!

It uses a velcro attachment that easily sticks the wig on your hat instantly! Easily attach or detach the wig whenever you want!

Very easy to use and it only takes 4 simple steps! Get your hat and set the wig in place, attach it with the velcro strap, then stick the wig on, and it's ready to wear! 

Choose from 7 different colors! Whether you want a unique look or a more natural appearance, there's a perfect color for you! If you want the wig to be a bit more flashy, you can choose from Thin Rattan, Aoki Gold, or Ash and if you want a more natural tone, choose Natural Black, Light Brown, Chocolate Brown, or Aoki Ash.

Length: 35cm
Weight: 160g
Material: Wig

Package Include: 1 x Detachable Curly Hair Extensions Wig
(Variants: Thin Rattan, Aoki Gold, Ash, Natural Black, Light Brown, Chocolate Brown, Aoki Ash)